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This fall’s election may be the most important in many of our lifetimes, and will have long lasting implications for the future of our country and its citizens. Knowing that, our political leadership has nominated two ‘outstanding’ candidates who offer contrasting views on a wide variety of topics, but oddly also have many characteristics in common. The chart below is designed to give the American voter a clear vision of what each candidate stands for and who they are. Remember…..every vote counts, unless you're one of the millions who happen to live in a state that always goes Republican or Democrat, in which case your vote doesn’t matter. That’s the beauty of the electoral college. If you live in California or Massachusetts for instance, it makes no difference if your candidate wins by 1 vote or 5 million votes (which might happen if you're a Democrat)…..he or she gets exactly the same number of electoral college votes. Click "read more" to see the chart.


The Choice of the Century

Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

Candidate Joe Biden

You know where this candidate stands…..they tell us succinctly and concisely what they stand for.

President Donald Trump says whatever pops into his head, regardless of how dumb, self-defeating, or absurd it might be or sound. There is no filter between his mind and mouth.

Candidate Biden’s filter is clogged with dryer lint or something similar. He can’t seem to express what perhaps might be coherent ideas hidden inside. And, for some reason he seems to believe that yelling helps.

Candidate understands technology, uses it wisely, and understands its potential

Trump is addicted to Twitter, used as an extension of his mouth to provide endless fodder for a hostile media.

Watch one of Biden's virtual town halls. It's like watching a bird trying to fly through a mirror.

Candidate sees the big picture, and bases decisions on logic and rational insights, rather than seeking revenge or holding grudges.

Trump still won't (or can't ) shut up about John McCain, who admittedly had both good and bad qualities. However, Senator McCain's main quality today is that he has been dead for nearly two years--the statute of limitations for tasteless criticisms is long expired. Ditto for Jeff Sessions and Joe Scarborough, both still very much alive.

Whether his sexual harassment accuser, Tara Reade, is telling the truth is unknown. Regardless, she is also currently unknown to Joe Biden, who claims he does not remember her on his staff. This, unfortunately, is probably true.

Candidate is able to resist and dismiss impractical or irrelevant ideas

President Trump tried to buy Greenland from Denmark. He also championed the effort to prove Obama was not born in  Hawaii. If you count everything that comes out of his mouth as "championing ideas", it's a hole with no bottom.

When asked his opinion of "reparations" recently, Joe Biden suggested that poor children today should listen to TV and "record players" more. For the "record", in 1975 a younger Joe was totally against reparations.

Many younger voters feel that the 'baby boomer' generation wields too much power in US politics, and that our next president should represent other generations. Who will best fit the bill?

President Trump was born in 1946, barely squeaking into the 'baby boomer' generation. If he were to win reelection he will be 75 when sworn in, the oldest possible age to still be a 'baby boomer'.

Joe Biden was born in 1942, and will be 78 and the oldest president ever, if sworn in as the next president. He is too old to be a "baby boomer" and would be older when sworn in than Reagan was in his last year in office (77) .

The women's vote is very important: Their concerns include sexual harassment in the workplace, and women's rights in general. Where do these candidates stand?

Trump's famed quote from 1995, "Grab 'em by the pussy" doesn't show much respect for women. He is also the first US President sued by a porn star.

Joe Biden, according to Tara Reade, did what Trump suggested plus a little more. Joe has a well-documented history of making women uncomfortable by constantly invading their personal space. Interestingly, Joe Biden presided over the  Clarence Thomas hearings, in which the future Supreme Court judge had to deal with unsubstantiated sexual harassment charges.

Candidate shows a creative approach to campaigning

Although Trump "creatively" brags about all aspects of his life, including exaggerating his net worth and the "length of his fingers", he particularly excels  at hanging derogatory names on his opponents, not uncommon in grade school but unusual for a President. Insulting the appearance of opponents' wives is also a tool in his arsenal.

When Joe was unable to come up with just the right phrasing for speeches during his 1988 presidential run, he creatively plagiarized British politicians, perhaps thinking no one would notice. Turns out he was accused of plagiarism in law school, and was caught on video exaggerating his academic record. He subsequently dropped out of the 1988 race.

Cares about the environment and works to protect it.

For most environmentalists Trump scores a F- on protecting the environment. He calls climate change a hoax, has rolled back all sorts of environmental regulations, and always sides with business interests over environmental interests. Even considering his point of view, that the effects of climate change are exaggerated and that bureaucracies have too much power, he still has done absolutely nothing to help the environment.

Biden gets a B for caring about the environment, but an "F----" for a realistic approach, for signing on to AOC's "Green New Deal", which would dwarf the economic debacle of Covid-19. If Covid-19 were a boulder falling into the economic pond, the Green New Deal is like the comet that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Will be a strong, knowledgeable commander in chief of the greatest military power on earth.

Trump garnered four student deferments, and then was disqualified from military service due to bone spurs in his feet. Bone spurs were a short-term issue, but in the lottery to determine eligibility to serve during the Vietnam War, Trump drew a remarkably high 356 out of 365, effectively eliminating him from being drafted and foreshadowing his success in casinos. He did not enlist.

Joe received five student deferments during the Vietnam War, and then was disqualified from serving for asthma, an ailment which did not affect his ability to play high school and college football. He did not enlist.

Candidate is honest and trustworthy, and will not use his office for personal gain

The "Art of the Deal" stresses hyperbole when negotiating, and Trump is applying that concept to governing as well. No one would ever accuse Trump of being overly truthful, objective or understated, but on the other hand, the extreme animosity he inspires has cost him a fortune rather than making his "Trump" properties" more valuable. He is not benefiting from office. The NY Times embarrassed themselves trying to hang a profit motive on him for pushing that quinine drug. The "Occam's razor" explanation is that he's simply a knucklehead.

Joe Biden is a sharing person (with his family) regarding the nearly infinite possibilities for gain from office. That his son Hunter, a virtually unemployable ne'er-do-well, landed a $50,000 a month position with a Ukrainian gas company is well known, but there's more. His brother James, Howard (his son in law), Frank (his bother), and Valarie (sister) all have done well, in large part due to their relationship with Joe. Note that relatives of famous or powerful people often do well based on that relationship, and it's not illegal by itself. It just looks really bad.

One of our greatest Presidents, Teddy Roosevelt, famously said, "Speak softly and carry a big stick". How does this sentiment apply to our current Presidential candidates?

Threaten and boast childishly and carry a popsicle stick.

Speak meanderingly, yelling sometimes, and…..what was the question again?

The main reason people will vote for you.

You are Donald Trump

You are not Donald Trump

Which voters are most confused who to vote for?

People who like Trump's policies but think he's an idiot.

People who hate Trump regardless of his policies, but can't believe their only alternative is Joe Biden.

Advice to Candidates

Adapt or perish, taking the Senate and the hopes and dreams of the downtrodden masses down with you. Some of those lessons you learned on your father's knee, such as "never apologize" and "always hit 'em back harder", don't apply when you are sitting in Lincoln's chair.

Pick one hell of a good VP candidate. That's who people will be voting for. You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make someone President who might do a great job because he or she wasn't dumb enough to run for President.

Don't forget to vote in November. Even your vote counts!



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