It's tough to stand out from the crowd

Email marketing is so inexpensive it’s basically free. However, it’s not as popular among marketers as it once was, and in fact well-funded marketers are switching back to the relatively expensive, old fashioned direct mail that shows up in your mailbox. Why? 

Simple—old fashioned direct mail is effective because people no longer get that much Post Office-type mail, so if you do get a nice, glossy mailing, odds are pretty good it won’t be lost in the pile (because there isn't one), but will be opened and read. Email marketing, AKA junk email, is treated like old fashioned PO junk mail used to be—it goes right in the ol' electronic trash can. Because it’s so cheap, everyone is doing it, and therefore it’s valueless unless it stands out from the crowd.


Mailboxes don't look like this anymore

Put another way, email marketing can still be VERY effective, but the bar is a lot higher than it used to be. It has to be done right, which means that, above all, the content MUST be interesting and valuable. An emailed newsletter might be free to send out, but it’s not free to create, and if no one reads it, it’s a money loser.

Our newsletter has a 40% open rate—that’s exceptional. How do we do it? Great content that people want to read. It’s funny, educational, and interesting, and even though it might not have much to do with our product, we sneak that in at the end so people keep us top of mind. 

We can help you as much or as little as you need—we can manage your email marketing soup to nuts, or just supply you with interesting content. Contact us to find out more.




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