Jay Shenk is the Managing Consultant for Versatile Communications, a major supplier of IT hardware, networking, and services. Please visit Versatile’s website to see their partners, read their references, and see the depth of experience that can be brought to the table. Versatile supports clients as varied as a major cruise line, a billion dollar property management company, International marathons, colleges, many SMB companies, and hospitals. Versatile’s services range from App Dev to networking, to cloud and Microsoft technologies, to consulting, managed services, and a whole lot more.

What distinguishes Versatile consulting is that it is truly versatile—we fit our delivery and product to what your business needs.

Versatile Consulting bridges the gap between IT, operations, and sales and marketing. For a company to be successful and grow, these departments need to walk hand in hand, in the same general direction, while too often they behave more like a couple going through divorce proceedings.

Versatile Consulting Services specialties are:

Acting CIO, COO or SVP Operations

Networking and data center upgrades


Office 365 and cloud computing

Managed Services, Shared Services, and Customer Service


Application Development

Software implementations and general project management 

Cost containment, synergies, and budgeting  

We have specific industry experience with: 

Start-up, Fortune 500, and privately owned 

Private equity funded companies, including post-acquisition mergers and synergies 

Shared Services, both management and establishment--great for saving costs across departments or companies.

Publishing and Media, both print and digital


Real Estate management  

Our rates are fair and reasonable, and are an excellent value. We supply actual solutions, not template PowerPoint presentations leading to more work.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call or 978-758-8516,
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