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Can robots really help older people stay in their homes?

After my father passed away from Alzheimer’s, my mother lived alone in the family home for eight more years. Caring for my father had been hard, and she’d kept him at home longer than she should have, as is often the case. When it became impossible to care for him at home any longer, she finally moved him into an assisted living facility, where she diligently visited him every day. My mother went far beyond the call of duty, and happily had long term care insurance, but it sure would have been easier with some help.

Our ferocious watchdog puppy

I’m approaching my 66th birthday, so our family is going through many of the same issues that others of my generation are experiencing. It’s just that so far nothing has turned out exactly the way everyone, including me, would expect. Things have worked out well, but not as planned. This is when it helps to be 65 years old--you realize just how big a role random chance plays in life, and how no degree of planning will guarantee a particular result. We know we have to remain adaptable, changing course when necessary, and keep a sense of humor. 


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